A few pictures of Finley Jonathan (Taken September-October 2009)

Click on images below to get medium-resolution pics. If you are obsessed with him and want the full-resolution, uncropped picures, click here. Warning, it can take a long time to download.

This one was probably early September, and comes via "Aunt Joyce"

Same September visit.

October 20. Can't truly crawl, sort of slithers backwards. Backed himself up against a wall.

Against such wall, but has big plans. Look at his hands, pondering his next move.

Same basic idea, but close-up.

Kept trying to get him to show off his teeth....

Trying to get out of the corner by rolling over...

Pondering his next move again. Gotta get away from this wall!

Maybe these knees do have a purpose!

Nope, too much work to figure out knees, I just think I'll charm "Aunt Mary" to get me out of this fix.

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